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J.A. Taylor

A categorical index of my writing on Medium

I love this story and the 3rd person POV is perfect.

Creativity flourishes within boundaries

Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

Once upon a time, I produced videos for a living. I worked for a non-profit, had a crappy salary, and when I started, had zero tools to produce said videos. And you know what? I made some creative stuff. I found ways to pull off captivating pieces that I could have never afforded — asking seasoned videographers to help me frame shots, making a jib with a fishing pole and old weights, tweaking cheap microphones to capture the best sound possible in a makeshift studio in the corner of a leaky building lined with eggcrate mattress pads. And all the…

Zane and Mark have given good thoughts here. Just FYI, I meter almost all of my stories, even the prompts. The money I earn from that isn't significant enough to be worth the trouble. For me, it's more about keeping the prompts for an engaged audience who enjoys experimenting with literature. For the stories, people don't value what they don't pay for, so I find that paying for a Medium membership and putting my stories behind the paywall keep both of us engaged in reading, writing, and responding. You can always promote your stories and make them accessible to anyone by using the friend link, and all stories posted via Twitter bypass the paywall.

I truly enjoyed this piece. Good job conveying the loneliness and threat of the unknown.

Love this piece. Hope you enjoyed the challenge! I think you handled it quite well ;-)

You are too kind. I would say if a pub owner is too lazy to post a clear update after that long, take your story and run. You've put the work in. If you've followed the submission guidelines, your story at least deserves to be read by an editor.

Definitely something to watch out for. I'm not sure what kind of fiction you write, but for flash fiction, I would throw out my publications - Sci-Fi Shorts, Fantasy Shorts, and Centina Pentina.

One of my childhood preachers was missing two fingers on his right hand. He loved to shake people's hand. This is a great little piece. Featured this week!

This is fantastic! Featured this week!

J.A. Taylor

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