J.A. Taylor started believing he could write when he won the first short story contest he ever entered. He has authored dozens of science fiction and fantasy stories. He enjoys writing flash fiction tales with O. Henry style twists. He is the creator of SciFiShorts.pub, FantasyShorts.pub, and SFSStories.com. Connect with him at jataylorwrites.com or on Instagram.

Some of his recent work:

From cosmic beings locked in an eternal struggle to a North Carolina construction worker who discovers an unlucky penny comes another esteemed collection of magical fiction from bestselling author, J.A. Taylor. These seven short stories will reshape the way you see the world, convincing you that magic is far more real than most of us dare to believe.

From a bloody barbarian on a haunting mission to a cursed oak consuming the townsfolk, this book is a rapid descent into the shadowy nature of humanity, illuminating the necessity of sacrifice. This collection of twelve wonderfully illustrated fantasy flash fiction tales from bestselling author J.A. Taylor, will leave you stunned at how deep a story can go in only 500 words.

What happens when humankind traverses the stars, manipulates time, creates lifelike bots, and trusts artificial intelligence? Through twenty-five short stories of obsession, greed, vengeance, and botched resurrections, award-winning author, J. A. Taylor explores the dark nature of humanity and the need for the dawn of a new cosmos.

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