Couldn't agree more. I'm passionate about releasing fiction on Medium. If you want to discover more fiction authors, make sure you're following the "Fiction" topic. The first piece I wrote on the platform was fiction and it did well. Unfortunately, that publication is no longer active. The Junction and the Creative Cafe publish fiction pieces. I run three flash fiction pubs on Medium: Sci-Fi Shorts: Fantasy Shorts: and Centina Pentina for 50 and 100 word fiction stories: I've had some success with fiction getting curated from my own publications, as well as from PSILY and Scribe. Bill DuBay, Esther Selhi, Aimée Gramblin, and Bill Adler have written some fantastic pieces! Check out Stevie Adler's profile. He has lists of fiction publications: Here's a link to my profile if any of you are interested in reading any short fiction pieces: - I love connecting with other fiction authors on Medium!

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Coiner of Centinas and Pentinas, Jim died in 2076 from either trying to kill a spider while driving or from eating too many burritos.

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